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Foreign schools

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Seoul Foreign School (SFS)
  • Seoul Foreign School (SFS)
  • Seoul Foreign School (SFS), which is an International Baccalaureate school established in 1912, admits students in Seoul regardless of their race, religion or beliefs, and provides education based on Christian philosophy. As one of the world’s oldest schools, the SFS offers education ranging from pre-school to 12th grade for 1,500 students from 52 countries. The school strives to help students learn the way they can live life fully through comprehensive and challenging curricula and extracurricular activities
  • The elementary, middle, and high school courses offered by the school follow the American educational system and provide internationally recognized programs such as IGCSE, AP, and IB diploma. The British course offered by the school follows the National Curriculum of the UK based on the English National Primary Strategy and National Curriculum for Reception to Year 9.
  • Go to SFS Website
Hanseong Hwagyo Middle/High School
  • Hanseong Hwagyo Middle/High School
  • Opened in May 1948, the school provides education for a middle school course, which is recognized by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. The school also teaches Korean and Korean Society for three hours a week and offers extracurricular and international exchange programs.
  • Go to the Hanseong Hwagyo Middle/High School Website