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Public health Service

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Public health Service
  • Public health Service
  • Seodaemun-Gu Public Health Center
  • Seodaemun-gu Public Health Center (Yeonhui-ro 242) is located
    next to Seodaemun-gu Office and has an area of 813.8㎡ with
    two floors above ground and eight underground.
  • The center provides a variety of healthcare services including
    vaccination, infectious disease control, public health improvement projects,
    sanitation control of food businesses and facilities used by the public.
  • The center is running a branch office in Gajwa, branch health
    center in Cheonyeon-dong and Hongeun-dong, Urideul Annex,
    and Oriental Medicine Health Center, offering customized
    medical services and health improvement programs for the residents.
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