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Sinchon Station (Railroad)

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Sinchon Station (Railroad)
  • Sinchon Station
  • The old Sinchon Railroad Station (location 74-12 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-Gu) was opened in December 1920 for the Seoul-Sineuiju (in North Korea) Line. In 2006, a new Sinchon Station was built, while the old one was designated as a historic site (Cultural Heritage Site No.136 in 2004). The old building is one of the oldest railroad stations in the country. The one-story building with total floor space of 199.4㎡ was built five years ahead of Seoul Railroad Station. It has a gable roof (with a “八”-shaped side) like many old railroad stations. The wooden roof frames, window frames, and chimney remain in good condition.
  • The new Sinchon Railroad Station, which was built with private funds, has a platform (on the first floor), a ticket-selling booth, an office, a space for nursing mothers, and a convenient store (on the second floor).
  • It is linked to a large shopping mall and a multiplex cinema. Diverse events are held at the plaza in front of the station. The place has emerged as a venue for diverse cultural activities and links with the Nice Street to Walk around in Sinchon and the Nice Street to Visit near Ewha Womans University.