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Symbols of Seodaemun-gu

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  • Dongnimmun Gate in Seodaemun-gu is an important cultural heritage for the entire country. The two circles displayed in this emblem symbolize local residents’ love of their hometown and reconciliation. The figure at the top of the emblem represents the residents’ desire for local development.
  • symbol color
  • The green color symbolizes Seodaemun-gu , which boasts a wide expanse of green areas.
  • symbol tree
  • A pine tree symbolizes fidelity, chastity, and tenacious vitality. In Seodaemun-gu, pine tree emblems are also used to represent the vitality of youth.
  • symbol flower
  • Climbing roses growing on the fences of apartments and schools represent the wish for peace and love in all households.
  • symbol bird
  • Magpies, which are often featured in Korean folk paintings and tales, are thought to be propitious birds that will bring happiness and peace to the area.