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"Seodaemun, a learning city for all" is the vision of Seodaemun.

We aim to use this website to provide useful and interesting information on the diverse affairs and activities of Seodaemun Lifelong Learning and hope that local residents will use it freely as a website for communication.
Please feel free to address any suggestions or criticisms you may have about our projects for lifelong learning.

Seodaemun-gu Office is doing its best to ensure that there is no alienation in learning from children to the elderly. We increase access to learning, invest in learning facilities, and support learning communities.

Local residents are encouraged to join the efforts of Seodaemun, a learning city where you can feel the joy of learning anytime, anywhere.

Lee Sung-heon

Mayor of Seodaemun-Gu
Republic of Korea

About us

  • Seodaemun lifelong learning centers

    Seodaemun Lifelong Learning strives to help you enjoy your learning. Over 500 courses each year in the evening and during the day inspire thousands of learners.
    We pride ourselves on offering online and face-to-face courses across a wide range of subject areas including 3D design and coding, IOT, digital art education, citizenship learning, adult literacy education, college-linked lifelong learning, and urban communities. We run courses during the day, evening and weekends and are prepared for those with a busy schedule.
    Many face-to-face courses are being conducted at the Seodaemun lifelong learning Center·Convergence Education Center and Namgajwa 1 Branch. These places are equipped with the latest facilities such as a space for digital learning and a smart space, which helps you to enjoy various learning. Our courses are taught by expert tutors, many of whom are industry professionals looking to pass on their knowledge and wisdom.
    Browsing our website can help inspire and give you a good idea of the types of courses we offer here at Seodaemun lifelong learning Center. To find your dream course you can search by subject, keyword, date, duration and price.
    Schools in Seodaemun can apply for group training courses for job experiences related to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Seodaemun learning community

    Seodaemun has 15 town learning centers operated by learning communities and 200 adult learning clubs. You can study anytime, anywhere by planning and operating careers with various learning topics.
    There is a vertical alley project in which resident instructors are dispatched to places where 5 learners gather. The vertical alley, which utilizes the results of learning to connect to lecture activities, holds 50 courses every year with 600 learners.

  • University-linked lifelong education

    There is a lifelong education program in connection with 9 universities in Seodaemun. Various courses such as vocational training courses, women's leadership courses, qualification acquisition courses, and health-related courses are operated in connection with local universities.
    Seodaemun conducts joint research with local universities, receives volunteer support, and provides scholarship opportunities to residents.

  • Policy for more learning opportunities

    Based on the Ordinance on Support for Adult Literacy Education, funding for adult literacy education is provided to seven institutions.
    Support local special education budgets for adults with disabled learners.

  • Lifelong learning governance

    In Seodaemun, there are 25 lifelong educational institutions including 9 universities. The lifelong education council is formed and a committee of working-level people is formed to determine the main policies of lifelong education.

  • Key information

    · Seodaemun-gu Education Support Division:
    - 247 Yoenhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    - Tel: +82-2-330-8715

    · Seodaemun lifelong learning Center· Convergence Education Center:
    - 36 Yoenhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    - Tel: +82-2-330-8849

    · Seodaemun lifelong learning Center(Namgajwa 1 Branch):
    - 37 Morene-ro 15 gil, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    - Tel: +82-2-3140-8387

  • 2020

    Opened the Seodaemun lifelong learning Center·Convergence Education Center
    Established the 1st medium-and long-term development plans for citizenship education
    Had a Democratic Citizenship Education Advisory Committee
    Operated online citizens' university
    Operated 15 Town Learning Centers

  • 2019

    2019 UNESCO Learning City Award(Medellin, Colombia)
    Elected as president of the Korean Association of lifelong learning Cities
    Enacted of Ordinance on Democratic Citizenship Education

  • 2018

    Started Town Learning Center(Seoul Metropolitan Institute for Lifelong Education)
    Operated a work-life balance support program, "Time for a Job??
    Operated lifelong learning programs linked to regional studies

  • 2017

    The 6th Seodaemun Lifelong Learning Forum
    Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Award
    (at the 14th Korea Lifelong Learning Awards, Sero Alley Project)
    Research on revitalization of lifelong education program in Seodaemun

  • 2016

    Moved the location of Lifelong Learning Center, established the 3rd medium-and long-term development plans for Lifelong Learning
    Selected local Lifelong Learning project by the Ministry of Education(specialization of existing education city, Town Learning Center), selected a project for adult literacy education support, operated the 11th 'Yonsei-Seodaemun Open Citizens' University'

  • 2015

    Operated 5 Happy Learning Centers and supported Learning Town School
    Selected as the Best District of Lifelong Learning Incentive

  • 2014

    Appointed as a Happy Learning Center operating city and selected education city specialization project
    Operated Learning Town School of Seoul Metropolitan Government, changed to Education Support Division (Welfare & Culture Division Resident Autonomy Division)

  • 2013

    Appointed to the Lifelong Learning city, operated Serogolmok vitalization project, operated a model
    Happy Learning Center, enacted ordinances on adult literacy education support, promoted research on happiness index of Lifelong Learning for the residents

  • 2012

    Established the 2nd medium-and long-term development plans for Lifelong Learning in Seodaemun,
    opened the Lifelong Learning Center, operated the 8th Open Citizens' University

  • 2011

    Promoted a survey on Lifelong Learning for the residents, selected council's resolution for creation of a Lifelong Learning city, had a presentation of the top 5 Learning circles that could change Seodaemun and excellent cases of specialization programs, operated course of branding, participated in Seoul Lifelong Learning Fair

  • 2010

    Operated Seodaemun Redevelopment School, constructed district network with support from Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • 2009

    Promoted Women's Leadership Academy, specialized program, and Learning circles, selected a project for adult literacy education support

  • 2008

    Newly established Lifelong Learning Team of Education Support Unit for exclusive promotion of Lifelong Learning, hired Lifelong Learning workers, organized Association for Lifelong Learning and Council for Lifelong Learning Practice, established the Seodaemun Lifelong Learning Promotion Ordinances, constructed the homepage of Seodaemun Lifelong Learning Center, operated Lifelong Learning centered university

  • 2007

    Promoted research service on 'Education-centered Happy and Best District Development Plan'

  • 2005

    Operated citizens' university